Best Sensory Toys for Toddlers

Kids of all ages benefit from sensory toys, perfect for young children still developing fine and gross motor skills. Sensory toys offer screen-free entertainment that will keep your little ones busy. If you are the parent of a toddler, consider investing in sensory toys.

Sensory toys can be simple and inexpensive. Textured toys or crinkly paper will do the trick. Additionally, children with special needs like autism or developmental delays benefit from sensory toys.

What Are Sensory Toys?

Sensory toys stimulate the five senses: touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. They introduce new experiences to a child and help them understand their environment.

These toys may include bright colors, sound elements, different and unique textures, or contrasting patterns. They use textures, vibration, temperature, or weight to stimulate your child’s senses.

How to Select the Best Sensory Toys

Choose a sensory toy that has one clearly defined function. Avoid toys that are overly stimulating and do not have a specified function.

Ask these questions before choosing a sensory toy for your child.

  • What type of sensory input does my child need?
  • Is the toy age appropriate for my child?
  • Does the toy fit in with my child’s current interests?

Sensory Toys for Toddlers

Turtle Steps Stepping Stones

The textured stepping stones help children with balance, coordination, and concentration. A great toy for indoor or outdoor play and develops gross motor skills.

Fat Brain Toys Dimpl

Vibrant color BPA-free bubbles are made for little hands to pop. The Dimpl encourages fine motor skills and provides sensory play.

Sensory Stacking Rocks

44 colorful stacking rocks encourage creative play and provide fine motor skills to develop. The wooden stacking block provides educational learning like counting, color recognition, problem-solving, and balance.

Sensory Bin with Lid

Fill this sensory bin with beads, sand, rice, water, or small toys to provide sensory input. The bin offers a contained way for children to play with sensory items while controlling the mess.

Pop Tubes

Spark your child’s creativity with these bending and stretching pop tubes. Pop tubes provide a tactile and auditory sensory experience for little ones.

Fat Brain Spin Again Toy

Brightly colored spinning and stacking toys teach children about cause and effect. Children will love watching the repetitive motion of the toys spiraling down again and again.

Fat Brain Bilibo

The Bilibo provides endless open-ended creative play for little ones. It can be used as a wobbly seat, shell, hat, and more.

Fat Brain Toys Squigz

The colorful suction cup shapes provide entertainment for little hands. They encourage creativity and problem-solving as well as sensory stimulation and help develop motor skills.


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