6 Benefits of Reading to Your Kids


Parents can spend time and bond with their children in many significant ways, but the benefits of reading aloud to small children are profound. Parents that read to their children on a weekly basis foster a love of reading and learning in their children. Picking up a book and reading to your child is also beneficial for their brain development.

mother and baby girl reading a book
Photo by William Fortunato on Pexels.com

Benefits of Reading Aloud to Children

Language Development

The more words children are exposed to through reading the more extensive vocabulary they develop. Reading to your kids helps them develop language skills and build their vocabulary. Children who are read to regularly tend to have better language and communication skills, as well as stronger literacy skills later in life.

Builds Cognitive Development

Reading gives children better comprehension by exposing them to new concepts, ideas, and perspectives. It helps them develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as imagination and creativity.

Increase Attention Span

Reading is a slower-paced activity that requires focus and attention. Children develop a longer attention span when reading as they are encouraged to pay attention and concentrated on the book being read to them.

Emotional Exploration

Reading stories about other people and their different lives or circumstances builds empathy. It allows children to explore a range of emotions and ask questions about how characters handle big emotions.

Better Grades In School

Children who are read to regularly are more likely to succeed academically. They tend to have better reading comprehension, writing skills, and academic performance overall.


Spending time reading with your child is an experience they will look forward to daily. Finding a quiet space at the end of the day to draw in your children and get lost in a book is a memory you will both treasure forever.


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