8 Best Phones for Kids and Teens (2024)


Knowing when to get your child a cell phone can be challenging for some parents. Peers and society pressure kids to get phones at an early age. A cell phone is a big responsibility for a kid, but it’s also a valuable tool to help parents and kids communicate.

Before buying a cell phone for your child, consider why they need one. What features do you need in a cell phone, and what type of parental controls does the phone offer?

Bark Phone

Bark is known for its award-winning monitoring tools, but did you know that they have a cell phone with Bark built-in? This phone is specifically designed for kids but looks like a regular phone which makes it great for older kids. Bark is a Samsung phone with exclusive features like undeletable texts, location tracking, remote phone lock, and spam call blocking.


  • Free Bark Premium Subscription
  • No contract
  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • Includes exclusive Bark Phone features like undeletable texts, location tracking, remote phone lock, and content management.
  • Built-in web filter
  • Protective Case

Gabb Phone Plus

Gabb Phone Plus is an excellent phone for younger kids as there is no internet and limited apps. The phone comes standard with Gabb Messenger, preinstalled apps like Gabb Music, and the option to add approved third-party apps. The phone has front and back cameras and Bluetooth capabilities. The Gabb Phone Plus has a sleek Samsung design which is perfect for kids.


  • Unlimited Talk and Text
  • No Internet, No Social Media
  • Free Cloud Backup
  • Gabb music access
  • Vetted third-party apps
  • GPS location

Pinwheel Slim 5

The Pinwheel Slim 5 is a good phone for younger kids as there is no internet, and only approved contacts are allowed. This Samsung-based phone is customizable parental controls. The phone has no internet and only preselect apps that come standard. Parents can access various parental control options like screening messages, location tracking, assigning tasks, and limiting screen time. However, the Pinwheel Slim 5 does only work with certain carriers.


  • Approved contacts
  • Monitoring Text and Calls
  • Pre-screened apps
  • Screentime management
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • No internet or social media

Teracube Thrive

The Teracube Thrive is a versatile phone that offers plenty of protection for kids. This environmentally friendly phone has built-in parental controls, safe online search features, and parent-approved apps. Parents can easily set app time limits to help kids develop healthy habits. Teracube Thrive is an Android-based phone only available on the T-mobile network.


  • Parents approve Apps
  • Built-in Parental Monitoring
  • Safe internet search
  • Set time limits on Apps
  • Text messaging, camera, music, and other standard apps

Apple iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is ideal for older kids/teens as it’s a less expensive iPhone. The phone is water resistant, has a touch button fingerprint sensor, and has front and rear-facing cameras. It has parental controls like screen time management, GPS location tracking, and set content restrictions. Parents can require iTunes and App Store purchases/downloads to need approval. This phone grows with your child and allows you to permit more access to specified features easily.


  • Apple Parental Controls
  • Limit Screentime and Require Approval for Apps
  • Water Resistant
  • Front and Rear facing Camera
  • Fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone

Jitterbug Flip2

The Jitterbug keeps it simple. Initially designed for older adults, the Jitterbug is excellent for young children that need a phone primarily for communication. This Android-based flip phone is easy to use and has a large screen and buttons. It is also equipped with a speaker and can connect to Amazon Alexa. The Jitterbug has limitations like; no GPS location tracking and is only available on one carrier.


  • No internet or social media
  • Emergency button
  • Connects to Amazon Alexa
  • Large Screen and Buttons

VTech KiddiBuzz 3

The VTech KiddiBuzz is perfect for young kids that want all of the functionality of a cell phone but aren’t ready for the responsibility. The KiddiBuzz lets kids message over WiFi; no cell service is required. The phone also comes with preloaded games, a camera, a music player, and more that all work without Wifi. It also has parental controls so parents can set screen time limits, control contact lists, and allow approved websites.


  • Parental Controls
  • WiFi Messaging to approved contacts
  • Comes loaded with educational and fun games
  • Front and Rear Cameras for photos or video
  • Rechargeable battery

Palm Phone

Don’t let the Palm Phone’s sleek design fool you. This is a rugged little phone. This phone is about the size of a credit card but has all the features of most larger phones. It has GPS, Face Unlock, Google Play Apps, Bluetooth, and Front and Rear Facing Cameras. It also has parental controls that let parents monitor apps, usage, and location.


  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Google Family Link Parental Controls
  • Front and Rear Facing Cameras
  • 13-hour batter life
  • Small Size

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