Countertop Charging Station

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If your family has cellphones and smart watches that need to be charged each evening, create this central charging station. We created a charging station for our kitchen countertop so the kids could easily charge their devices at night and have them accessible in the morning before school.

I knew I needed a 2-tiered shelf so I could accommodate our Amazon Echo Dot, the wireless phone charger, watch charger  and things we need to easily access on a daily basis. I found this 2-tier spice rack shelf that comes in 2 different color options.

We use this Anker Wireless phone charger to our son’s iPhone at night.

We use this dual charging stand for our Apple Watch chargers. If you have and older Apple Watch use his multiport USB charger, for new Apple Watches use this UBC-C charger.

Bonus: If you have a dog, get this super cute Wookie Cookies dog treat jar.


If you need a wall charging station for iPad or Tablets check out our iPad charging station.



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