Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games


Video games are often seen as a distraction or a waste of time however, there are many benefits of playing video games for both children and adults. Playing video games is a great way to unwind after a busy day and they can be loads of fun. It is important to set boundaries and limit the time you spend in front of a screen, but don’t dismiss the benefits of playing video games.

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Better at Problem-Solving

Most video games require you to solve puzzles, complete missions, or overcome a challenge. Sometimes the solutions aren’t as evident and the player must try different options to find the solution. Players learn to think strategically and plan ahead in order to achieve goals in the game.

Encourage Teamwork

Online gaming has increased the number of multiplayer games. Many online games require players to work with others to complete missions. Players must learn to collaborate with others which is a highly valuable skill.

Improve Social Skills

Gamers are often thought to be introverted and lacking in social skills, however, the rise of multi-player online games has created a community of gamers. People tend to befriend others with shared interests and the gaming community helps players connect with likeminded people.

Enhance Creativity

Many sandbox-style games like Minecraft allow players to be creative and build anything they can imagine. Video games give kids the opportunity to enhance their creative play.

Increase Hand-Eye Coordination

Video games move quickly requiring players to improve their hand-eye-coordination. Improving response time when playing video games is beneficial in other areas like typing, playing sports, and more. Video games are also used as physical therapy to help stroke patients during recovery.

Stronger Decision Making

Making quick decisions is required when playing fast-paced video games. Learning to make decisions quickly can be beneficial in life-saving situations in real life. Being able to make decisions quickly and thoughtfully can help people be more productive. Practicing decision-making in video games helps ease the stress of making decisions in the real world.

Additional Benefits

  • Video games can help players develop better language skills. Many games require reading and can help encourage reluctant readers to read more.
  • People who play video games often have solid spatial awareness. Players have a better understanding of space and how objects move throughout that space.
  • Some young video game enthusiasts may pursue a career in video game development. With the growing video game industry, there are a number of opportunities in this field.

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