IKEA HACK: Easy way to Store LEGOS


We bought this Karlstad Sofa from IKEA the year we got married (2007). In its original state it had a brown cover and light-colored chunky wood legs. Over the years the brown cover started to get rather grimy, because of kids and stuff, so a few years ago we bought a new gray cover. I like the gray cover and the simple lines of the couch so when we moved into our new house I wanted to keep the couch to use in our playroom.

Because my kids have an abundance of LEGO toys I keep them in under-bed storage containers (lids removed). The containers were previously kept under the bed in their room. This worked well because the kids didn’t dump out the entire tub because the container is shallow enough that they could easily dig through to find the piece they needed. This made clean-up a lot easier and it enabled the children more opportunities to play with their LEGOS.

In our new home, I didn’t want to keep the LEGOS in their bedroom. I thought under the couch would be the perfect place to store the containers in our new playroom, however, the legs on our Karlstad Sofa were just a few centimeters too short. So, Joe bought these 8″ Round Wooden Sofa legs from Amazon. They were so easy to replace, all he had to do was unscrew the old legs and screw in the new legs. Now the sofa is tall enough that we can fit the LEGO bins underneath and it looks nicer too.

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