Favorite Trader Joes Items


I do most of my shopping at Trader Joe’s and I’ve come to really love some of their products. These are the items that I buy almost every single time I shop. Some of these items are seasonal but most of them you can find pretty much every day.

Here are just a few of my favorites I bought on my most recent trip to Trader Joe’s.

I really love Trader Joe’s Uncured Bacon but the Fully Cooked Bacon makes it super easy to through together a quick breakfast or lunch.

I don’t love corn but this roasted corn is amazing. It’s great in a burrito bowl.

Marinated Chicken Shawarma. Simply cook them in a pan and serve with hummus, veggies and some pita bread.

The boys love these chicken nuggets and so do I. They are great on top of a salad.

Just warm up the carnitas and assemble a yummy burrito.

I love keeping this Naan bread in the freezer for quick last minute meals.

This is my favorite cheddar to eat around the holidays I have a perfect appetizer I make using this cheese.

Not a Trader Joe’s branded item but the best butter ever.

Even my kids love the Vermont Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrel Aged.

I throw some chicken, onion and this sauce in the slow cooker for a quick and easy curry dinner.

My favorite unhealthy treat from Trader Joe’s, Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels.

These are great for salads, cookies, or just to snack on.

Joe loves this salsa verde.

These are great for quick and easy appetizers.


What are your favorite items from Trader Joe’s?


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