Wonderful Spring Weekend

Joe and I had a very productive yet relaxing weekend. Let me recap how marvelous it was so you can understand and so I can remember.

Friday – We relaxed at home and ate BBQ chicken, Yellow Squash and French Fries. Then journeyed out to Lowes Home Improvement to buy supplies for Joe’s new pedal board.

Saturday – We slept in and took our time getting ready cleaning our house in little spurts. Took our recycling, got coffee, had a $3 lunch (for both of us with dessert!), got my car inspected, returned a CD, bought $4 wool yarn at AC Moore (for Lil Lieb soakers!) and bought more supplies at Lowes. All before we headed to my niece Kendall’s 5th birthday party where we had alot of fun dining and celebrating with family. Afterward, we stopped by North Hills to check out which movies were playing and popped into Target but we decided to go home and watch a free movie. We watched “The Passenger” an older movie starring Jack Nicholson… I fell asleep.

Sunday – We again slept in and went to the late service at church… which was great! Tyler spoke about the gifts of the spirit and worship was wonderful. Afterward we got a few sandwiches at the Village Deli and joined our friend Meagan (and her friends) at Fred Fletcher Park for a picnic. We ate, sat, conversed and knit in the warm spring sun before we headed to the NC State Fair Grounds. At the Fair Grounds we went to the NC Renaissance Fair because our neighbor gave us free admission tickets. After watching people dressed in period clothing, fencing, magic shows and eating sweet potato chips and lemonade we headed home. On our way home we bought a few groceries at Whole foods then went home and had craft night where I worked on an art project and Joe worked on his pedal board. Then we ordered a pizza, made a salad and watch “Ronin“.


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