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I encourage my kids to see how much reading they can get done during summer break. I ask them to read for just a few minutes each day, and they can read any book they want. They can read comic books, a magazine, or below “grade level” books; I don’t care as long as they are reading. To help encourage them to read, I created this simple summer reading log to keep track of how much they are reading.

Sometimes I’ll set a timer and ask them to read for 20 minutes. They enjoy counting how many pages they’ve read, so rather than them recording the amount of time they read, we are recording the number of pages. Once they fill up their sheet, we will have a small reward like an ice cream treat or a new book.

Free Summer Reading Log Printable

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How to Encourage Your Child to Read This Summer

Getting your child to become a regular reader can be challenging, but here are a few tips to get them reading more this summer.

  1. Find their Interests: All reading is beneficial. Some parents want their children only to read classics. However, children need to read books that pique their interest. Letting children read picture books below their reading level, graphic novels, or books about their favorite TV show is still getting them to read more than they were.
  2. Incorporate Reading into Your Daily Schedule: When creating a summer schedule it’s not only important to limit screen time but also vital to add time for reading. When you make time to read, kids will read more.
  3. Visit the Library: Attend family-friendly events at your local library. The more kids are exposed to the joy of reading and variety of books the better chance they will find something they will like to read.
  4. Create a Space for Reading: Create a cozy space for reading. A comfortable chair or sofa with a basket of books nearby with a soft blanket make the perfect spot for reading.
  5. Be a Good Example: Kids imitate our behaviors so if you want to raise readers, let them see you read.


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