Summer Matching Free Printable

Keep your little ones busy this summer with this fun free matching printable great for preschool children. They can match the like images and then color the pictures. Use this printable in your road trip activity bag this summer.

This hands-on matching printable is fun and easy for young kids to use. Toddler and Preschool age children can practice their matching skills at home. The black and white worksheet is easy to print at home and allows children to color the images.

Free Summer Matching Worksheet

Using Matching Worksheet

This matching worksheet is perfect for young children and is perfect for at-home learning or on-the-road activities.

Benefits of Matching

  • Enhance memory
  • Improve concentration
  • Develops attention to detail
  • Teaches grouping and sorting
  • Improves ability to notice similarities and differences

Matching worksheets are great pre-reading activities because they help children to become observant and notice differences. This skill will come in handy when differentiating between letters like b and d.

More Matching Activities

These simple hands-on activities will boost matching skills in young children.

Matching Card Games

Matching card games are a great way to improve memory skills, enhance vocabulary and teach sorting to children.

Start with just a few cards for toddlers to match and gradually add more as they improve.

These matching cards are a great option for toddlers.

Color Match

Help children learn colors by playing the color-matching game.

How to Play the Color Matching Game:

  • Select an item of one color like a blue block.
  • Ask your child to bring you more items that have the color blue.
  • When your child brings you the item point out the similarities and differences in the items.
  • After your child has brought you a few items, change the color and repeat the process.

Matching Shapes Puzzle

Shape puzzles are a great way for children to learn their shapes and practice their matching skills. Demonstrate to your child how the pieces fit into the puzzle and allow your child to try matching the shapes.

This shape puzzle is a great option for little hands.


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