The Gift for The Person Who Has Everything

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Every year I used to stress over what to get my dad for Christmas. He’s the type of person that doesn’t want anything. If he has a need or want for something he just goes out and gets it. He also hates to have other people spend money on him. I’ve actually had him tell me to return the gifts I bought him and keep the money. But, me being a person that loves to give gifts, has a lot of trouble coming to terms with the idea of giving him nothing at all. So last year I came up with the perfect gift.

I found a gift I could give that everyone will appreciate and isn’t returnable. The gift of a donation. Each year I find a charitable organization to either donate toys, gifts or money to in honor of my gift recipient.

A few of our favorite organization we support are:

Ronald McDonald House of Long Island

Layers of Dignity

Compassion International

Carroll’s Kitchen

Raleigh Rescue Mission

local churches

local schools

I created these festive printable cards. You can fill in the name of your gift recipient and the donation you made on their behalf to present to them as a gift.

Download Blue Donation Card

Download Green Donation Card


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