Our LeapReader “Ready, Set, Read & Write!” Party

I received free LeapFrog products to host the LeapFrog-sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own.

I had the privilege of hosting a LeapReader party at Jude’s school. I shared some of the cool new LeapFrog products with 15 Kindergarteners and we had a blast.

LeapFrog LeapReader

LeapFrog sent me their new LeapReader, a complete learn-to-read-and-write-solution, along with some great companion products. The LeapReader is for children ages 4-8 and helps them learn to read, write and learn through listening. There is a library of 150+ books, maps, flashcards, workbooks, audiobooks, music albums and more so your child can continue their learning. The LeapReader is similar and compatible with the Tag reader products but offers more learning options like writing, audiobooks, and music.

My favorite feature of the LeapReader is Interactive Handwriting. LeapFrog has specially designed paper to accompany their workbooks that help children learn to write stroke-by-stroke. I also like the audiobooks that encourage listening, I think all young children can benefit from auditory learning. I know Jude enjoys the interactive images and games that accompany the storybooks. They have done a great job of seizing every learning opportunity.

leap reader class party

For the classroom party we played 2 games: Story Time with Leap! “A Special Lunch” and Flashcard Mash-Up.

LeapReader Story Time

I had a few volunteers help me with story time, kindergarteners are very enthusiastic about volunteering! By selecting the purple read icon, we listened and read along as the LeapReader read the story about Leap getting ready for Kindergarten by packing his lunch for school. After the story was over I had a volunteer select the orange activity icon and the LeapReader asked us questions about the story we’d just read. This was a fun activity that helped encourage the children to listen and comprehend what they are reading.

leapreader party

During Flashcard Mash-up each child was given a Talking Words Factory flash card, some with a beginning letter and others with ending sounds. Together we made words like “tap”, “men” and “dug”. We sounded out the letters by ourselves and then used the LeapReader to help us merge the letters and make the word. The kids really loved the Flashcard Mash-up and continued to build words together throughout the party.

leapreader group party

After a few games we broke into groups to play with the LeapReaders and explored the books. Even the teachers got in on the reading fun. We practiced writing by tracing letters in the LeapReader Write it! Learn to Write Letters Writing Workbook. Everyone loved the Disney-Pixar Monsters University 3D Book, the 3D images were really cool.

Leap Reader Party Book

And then we ate cookies. I made chocolate chip cookies with green sprinkles because frogs are green!

Overall, it was a fabulous party. The only issue I had with the LeapReader was it wasn’t loud enough to overcome a room full of Kindergartners. However, they were very attentive and very interested in listening and playing with the LeapReader.

Helping a child to read and write is such a fun and rewarding experience, I love that there are products like LeapFrog that help encourage my child to read.

I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored MommyParty. The opinions expressed here are my own.


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