Our Summer Reading Challenge

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This summer we plan to do a lot of reading. Now that Jude can read to himself we’ve set up a designated reading time and are participating in our local library’s summer reading program. As an incentive to read more we have a chart on our fridge, when Jude fills up the chart the whole family gets to go out for ice cream.

I’ve been challenging Jude to read longer, chapter books. Currently, he’s reading BOYS CAMP: ZEE’S STORY. He’s only on chapter two but he is so excited to be reading a larger chapter book.

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Boys Camp: Zee’s Story
Written by Kitson Jazynka and Valerie Tripp and Illustrated by Craig Orback
Ages 7-10

Zee couldn’t be happier to be reunited at camp with his fellow jokester Will. The trickster team of two has millions of great ideas for practical jokes and more than a few big surprises to spring on their fellow campers and counselors.
At first, all the mayhem and mischief they cause is a big success. Who’d have guessed that a stuffed octopus, toilet paper, and pies could be combined so comically? But when Zee tries to include other guys in the fun, Will gets mad, and their friendship blows up. The fight forces Zee to face his scariest, most dangerous crisis on his own while on a kayaking trip, and for a while, it looks like all is lost. How will Zee survive the rapids? Is this the end of Will and Zee? One thing’s for sure: Zee will have an adventure-packed summer at Camp Wolf Trail!

He’s also been reading books to his little brothers like the book, FARAWAY FRIENDS. FARAWAY FRIENDS is an imaginative adventure that is out of this world!

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Faraway Friends
By Russ Cox
Ages 3-6

When Sheldon’s best friend moves away, Sheldon spies the word “Jupiter” painted on the side of the moving truck. Sheldon feels sad at first, but realizes that this is a sign—what he needs is a rocket ship! So Sheldon and his dog, Jet, build a ship piece by piece until they are ready for takeoff! The duo jets around satellites, zooms by planets, speeds past other flying saucers . . . until plop, they’ve arrived somewhere with a green alien life-form.

Faraway Friends will speak to any child who has had a friend move away, teaching them to channel boredom into creativity and imagination. Ultimately, it is a story of old and new friendships.

The Alphabet of Bugs

And then there is the silly and vivid book, THE ALPHABET OF BUGS.

The Alphabet of Bugs: An ABC Book
By Valerie Gates; Photographs by Ann Cutting
Ages 3-5

Travel through the alphabet to learn about the many beautiful and unusually named bugs found in nature. Valerie Gates’s charming alliterative style paired with Ann Cutting’s stunning photographs of all types of bugs is sure to delight curious children and adults alike. Spectacular photographs of insects of all kinds will inspire children to learn more about the different creatures found in the natural world. This is an ideal gift for new parents and for young nature-loving children!

All three of these books are available through Sky Pony Press.

We started our summer reading challenge just 4 days ago and Jude has already read 6 books. I forsee many trips to get ice cream this summer.

Do you participate in a summer reading program?

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