Avoid Auditory Overload with CozyPhones

When all 4 of my boys want to play on their tablets it can get rather loud, especially when we are all sitting together, like in the car. I’m constantly telling them to turn down the volume and they are arguing over who’s tablet is too loud. On any given day a house full of 4 boys is loud, add in the sound of tablets and I’m completely overwhelmed by noise. I have found that I’m rather sensitive to sounds and can have auditory overload. This doesn’t mesh well in a house full of loud children.

In the past we’ve tried using earbuds or headphones to help the boys manage the volume level in our home but they never seem to fit right. The little ones don’t like the earbuds in their ears and headphones often fall off. So we’re giving CozyPhones a try and so far they are great. They are like ear warmers with headphones in them.

CozyPhones are easy for kids to use on their own and they typically stay in place once they are on. The only struggle we’ve had is trying to decide who gets to use our CozyPhones. The headphones inside of the headband are adjustable, meaning you can push them forward or backward to adjust to ear placement on each kid. The CozyPhones simply plug into any standard audio jack and the volume is controlled via the device.

CozyPhones come in a variety of styles that are fun and colorful so each of my children can have a design that best reflects their personality. So far my younger 3 boys (ages 7-3) are primarily using the CozyPhones. My oldest son (10) doesn’t really care if the sound of his tablet is on or off but on occasion he will use one of the CozyPhone sets that we have. I think my littlest one will really like the Paw Patrol themed CozyPhones.

I’m really looking forward to taking our CozyPhones on our next family road trip, I think it will bring a lot of peace to our car.

CozyPhones are currently available online at the affordable price of $19.99.

I received the featured product in exchange for my honest opinion. My opinions are not influenced by the company.


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