God’s Provision

In Home Group on Monday we were talking about how as Christian friends we don’t talk about God enough in our everyday life. Well God has certainly been working in the life of the Liebs. So I wanted to share a few of the blessings God has brought us this week.

We’ve been trying to work out our budget and be mindful of our spending. Which has left us on a tight budget, manageable, but still tight. Joe works hard full-time and even puts in a little extra time for the benefits. I’ve been fortunate to have occasional work for my mom that I can do from home. We’ve been reevaluating our life and realize we can afford to get rid of a few things and in the mean time make a little extra money. Yesterday I sold an extra sling I had for $20. I wasn’t going to be using it and I figured someone else might like it. We have a few more things we are hoping to sell as well.

But beyond working and selling things we’ve had a few nice deals this week.

1. Jude receive a pair of cute organic pajamas(Sage Creek) from some friends. However, they had a design defect where the feet were round instead to oval. They would have worked if Jude was a fawn with hooves, however he is not. They were purchased at a store in NY and rather than dispose of them I decided I would write the company to inform them of the defect. To my surprise they wrote back apologizing for the defective product and want to replace it free of cost! After checking with their manufacturer they realized all of their stock of that particular design were flawed. So they sent us a pair from their newest line of pajamas (almost a $40 value). We were also able to keep the flawed ones which I may try to salvage my cutting off the feet and hemming.

The defective ones I will try to re-purpose.

2. I enjoy entering blog contests, however I’ve never won anything… until now. This week I won a copy of The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding from Milk Donor Mama’s blog. I have wanted this book for awhile and I thank God that he provided it free of charge. I should also note that Milk Donor Mama and I share a lot of similarities… likes our names and addresses, kind of cool!

3. Yesterday I completed an online contest to help boost visits/posts to a new site, TotallyHer.com. Since I completed the requirements with in 24 hours I was awarded $25. All I had to do was post 50 comments in the forums/on articles and get 3 friends to register. I received my money via paypal today!

God is so awesome!

A fun little side… we found the final piece to Jude’s first Halloween costume. We got a great deal from a lovely mama on DiaperSwappers.com. I know that doesn’t seem like much but I’m so excited about it!

I’m am so thankful that God has given us so many blessing. We’ve always been able to pay all of our bills despite the times the bank account told us other wise. I truly believe he blesses us for our faithfulness in giving. It’s one of the hardest things for us to do but without it I know we would never make it.


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