Christmas Tree Weekend

Joe was out of town all last week for work. The boys had been begging me for a Christmas tree so the day after Joe got home we took our annual trip to the NC State Farmers Market to pick out our tree. It was freezing and lightly snowing but we had a great time picking out a really tall tree. I think almost every year we buy our tree from Howell Brothers, a Christmas tree farm from Sparta, NC. They always have great deals and wonderful customer service.

The boys really liked this itty bitty tree

I like my trees to be imperfect, I love the crooked and odd shaped trees. Nature is unique and never perfect and that’s what I love about a real Christmas tree.




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  1. I never thought of going to the farmer’s market to pick up a tree, they look like they have a great selection. Your family looks like they picked out a great tree!

  2. I remember going to pick out a tree every year with my girls when they were growing up. It was such a memorable experience and loved having a freshly cut tree.

  3. Beautiful tree! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. We always enjoy picking out our tree every year too. It’s fun to take the kids.

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