Starting Construction

It’s been a little over 2 months since we signed our contract to build our new home. It feels like we were waiting forever for them to start building but we had to wait our turn. We just so happened to sign our contract right after 7 other families signed. So the process took a bit longer because the builder starts 2 new homes a week so even though all the permits were approved we had to wait our turn. The position of our house on the lot has changed to give us a flatter and longer driveway. This also gives us a slightly better backyard, although the house is further back than we initially thought. It’s all OK, we are excited that construction has started. They set all the plumbing on Wednesday. Seeing as we only live 2 miles from the new home we frequently drive by to watch the progress of ours and our neighbors houses. It looks as though they will pour the foundation on Monday, everything is staked and ready. We have an Internet Tool Kit that allows us to login to our account to check on the status and updates on the building of our home. They have proposed schedule of when milestones are supposed to be completed. They projected completion of the foundation is 11/17.

It’s funny how tiny the house looks in comparison to the vast expanse around us. I’m excited to see it come together over the next few months.


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