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For the most part I enjoy homeschooling the boys. I’ve actually decided to keep all the boys home next year, no more preschool. I’m a little apprehensive about how I will divide my time teaching each boy but I know we’ll figure it out.

The only thing I really miss since becoming a full-time homeschool mom is alone time. It’s not something I dwell upon but I just realized the only alone time I get is on the weekends when I occasionally get to run an errand or two by myself. To be honest I really enjoy spending time with my family and if I had to choose between sitting alone all day in the house or running around chasing my crazy boys I’d easily choose the latter.

However, there are days when I wish for a few hours of me-time where I could run an errand alone, clean the house without my “helpers” or go to the gym.

I’ve always been an introvert and as a young person would spend endless hours just hanging out alone in my room (reading, writing, creating, thinking, listening). I don’t get to be alone much anymore but it’s amazing how I’ve learned to adapt. I really love spending time with my family, so much so that I often day dream about living in a small RV traveling the country with all 6 of us packed in like sardines… for sure there would be no alone time there but it would be a magical adventure that no amount of me-time could ever rival.

While we aren’t a full time RV family (yet!) I’m constantly reminded that all the best memories are made with the people I love. I want to make as many amazing memories as possible with these lovelies.

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