Millbrook Exchange Park #DiscoverRaleighParks


Yesterday I took the boys to explore Millbrook Exchange Park. We’d been there a few years ago, back when I only had 2 boys but never really explored beyond the playground.

The first thing we did this time was stopped in the Community Center to get the stamp on our passports. The community center was buzzing with summer camp/programs and looked to have a good deal of activities lined up for the coming months.

Photo Aug 14, 10 45 44 AM
Photo Aug 14, 10 47 22 AM
Photo Aug 14, 10 48 38 AM
Photo Aug 14, 10 47 37 AM
Photo Aug 14, 10 47 21 AM

Then we headed out to the playground where the boys played on the 2 different play sets, in the sand and watched older kids play 4 square. After our snack break, we decided to walk around the park to explore. We wished we brought out swimming suits so we could enjoy the pool and spray ground. Then we walked down to the tennis courts and watched the kids play tennis for a bit. After which we walked by the dog park and took a short trip on the walking trail.

Photo Aug 14, 11 11 10 AM
Photo Aug 14, 11 27 27 AM

It was a fun visit on a gorgeous day. The boys loved exploring the park and the weather was gorgeous. After our adventure we stopped for lunch at BJs and did a little shopping. I got several comments on my 4 well-behaved boys and felt a bit like a super mom until I saw the mom with 6 kids leaving the store. (her kids were older but still very well-behaved)

Photo Aug 14, 11 57 15 AM
Photo Aug 14, 12 21 30 PM

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