Please Don’t Say I Love You


Pullen Park Fall 2014I’m going to be sad when Simon learns to say, “I love you.”

I know that’s a weird statement to make but I honestly mean it.

Every day, multiple times a day I tell Simon (and all of my boys) that I love him. Up until a few months ago he never responded, which is typical for a baby. But then his vocabulary began to explode and I expect him to say it in return. Not really out of obligation but because little kids repeat whatever you say to them, they are sort of like giant fleshy parrots. My older boys would just repeat back to me whatever I said. For instance, “I love you Jude” or “I love you Noah”.

Then one day I told Simon I loved him as I usually do and he simply replied, “Too Mama.” My heart completely melted, especially since he leaned in for a little snuggle as he said it. Now every time I tell him I love him he says, ‘Too Mama” and it makes me so happy. It’s almost as if the “I love you” part is implied but you know it’s totally intentional and thought out. He knows what he’s saying and even more he knows that I understand him. It’s freakin adorable.

I’m sure there will come a day, probably sooner than I hope, that Simon will learn to say “I love you.” but I will always cherish this season of “Too Mama.”


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