Homeschooling with Netflix

Homeschool with Netflix

One of the challenges I face with Homeschooling Jude is his insatiable appetite for learning. He needs to be constantly consuming or regurgitation information almost constantly. I think it’s awesome that he loves to learn but it can also become burdensome when I also have to keep 2 toddlers entertained. So we have started to utilize kid-friendly documentaries and educational shows on Streaming Netflix.

I can a documentary on the TV and all 3 boys will be entertained, at least for a little while. Or I can give Jude the iPad where he can select his user profile to watch age-appropriate shows while I tend to the little boys. Likewise, I can turn on shows to entertain the little boys when I need to assist Jude with his schoolwork.

Utilizing Streaming Netflix has been a huge help with our sudden transition to homeschooling.

Here are a few of our favorite educational shows that I my First Grade son loves.

Leap Frog on Netflix


The Blue Planet on Netflix

The Blue Planet

Disneynature Wings of Life

Disney Nature Wings of Life

MicroCosmo on Netflix


Inside Lego on Netflix

Inside Lego

Netflix Streaming has made this transition to homeschool much easier so tomorrow night we will celebrate with a movie night. Right now it’s a toss-up between Beethoven and Chicken Run.

I am part of the Netflix Stream Team ambassador program. I received no compensated for my time, but I was provided product. All opinions listed are 100% my own.


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