Saturdays are Back

For several months Joe was working a Tuesday through Saturday schedule but this past week he was switched back to the typical Monday through Friday schedule. So yesterday we had our first free Saturday together as a family… and it was nice. There’s just something about a Saturday, everything seems a little bit slower. Even though it was nice to have Mondays off while everyone was at work I always felt like his time off was shorter than everyone’s normal 2 day weekend. So yesterday we took it slow and had a nice time hanging out as a family. The weather was gorgeous and I wanted to do something outside so we went to Fred Fletcher Park and had a picnic.

We ate veggie wraps, chips and pineapple!

I worked on my hat for Jude.

Joe worked on his blanket for Jude.

Jude watched.

And played with the water bottle.

It was a little warmer than we were expecting so we didn’t stay long but it was a nice relaxing afternoon. Afterward we came home and just relaxed some more.

Joe finished his blanket for Jude!

That evening we celebrated Thurston’s birthday and Jude fell asleep while Joe was holding him and singing Rockband. (Bliss has a picture of this and hopefully she will post it soon so I can steal it and post it here!)


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