From the Lips of Children

We’ve had a rough couple of days, weeks, months….

It seems every time we turn around some new difficulty befalls our family. So yesterday afternoon when Noah fell off the top bunk and broke his collar bone the only thing left for me to do was laugh. The last few months have been filled with a series of unfortunate events. We’ve dealt with Jude’s school struggles, a death in the family, sick children, financial hardship, injured children, an uncomfortable pregnancy, and many more hard life things.

broken collar bone

At this point Joe and I are running on fumes most days and our daily life is more about survival than anything else. However, I’m extremely thankful that through all of this pain and suffering Joe and I are working together and growing closer. We realize that the depth of our suffering is beyond anything we can fix and the only way to survive is to turn to God.

In all honest it took me a little while to finally give everything over to God. Jude and I were riding in the car. I was worrying about money while Jude was jabbering on about one of his favorite shows. Then suddenly he stopped talking and quoted verbatim Provers 28:11.

A rich man is wise in his own eyes, but a poor man who has understanding will find him out.

As I sat shocked that Jude just quoted a scripture verse I had no idea he knew God reminded me that I am not in control. My wisdom and understanding is extremely limited. I am unable to see the full picture God has painted of my life. Even though I know that worrying and stressing about my life situations won’t solve anything it took the words of my son to remind me that God is in control.


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