Marvel Universe Live Review

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Joe and Jude (along with Andrea‘s husband and son) attended opening night of Marvel Universe Live at the PNC Arena. They took a long some friends and had an amazing time exploring the Marvel Universe together.

The show was packed with action from beginning to end and feature all of the typical Marvel superheroes and villains you could hope to see.

The boys were amazed by all of the stunts, pyrotechnics and fight sequences but I think most of all they were just thrilled to see so many heroes in one place.

Marvel Universe Live - Raleigh, NC

Ironman, Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America, The Hulk and more.

Marvel Universe Live - Raleigh, NC show

Jude’s favorite part was when Spiderman said, “EPIC!” I’m not really sure why he loved that moment specifically but I think it’s pretty epic myself. Both Joe and Jude loved all the aerial stunts, especially Spiderman.

Marvel Universe Live - Raleigh, NC Spiderman

The show was pretty long and the little boys were up way past their bedtime. The show had a brief intermission pretty early on in the performance (because it was a natural break in the storyline) so the second part of the show was a lot longer than the first part.

Marvel Universe Live - Raleigh, NC

Marvel Universe Live - Raleigh, NC

Marvel Universe Live - Raleigh, NC Loki

I think it’s fair to say that the guys had an EPIC time at Marvel Universe Live.  Photo Jul 18, 6 55 20 PM

Disclosure: I received free media passes to list and review this show . The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.


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