zpizza tour pictures

On Tuesday Jude and I took a fun little trip to Cary, NC for the zpizza tour. We met Brandi from zpizza and she told us all about what make zpizza so fabulous. We also met some other great local mom bloggers like Beth from I’m Heading Towards My Destiny.
Jude enjoyed playing with the blocks and other various toys they had available for kids.
We tried 3 different pizzas; the gluten free cheese (not pictured), pear and Gorgonzola rustica and Tuscan pizzas. Jude loved every single one of them.
The tour table
It was a wonderful evening with lots of fun and food. I’m super excited for the opening of the downtown Raleigh location of zpizza. 
Oh, Andrea from lilkidthings and I made it on the zpizza facebook page, check it out.

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