Backyard Ocean Deluxe Square Party Pool Review


North Carolina Summers are hot and humid. You will find us either comfortably hiding inside the house with AC blasting or soaking in the community pool. However, with 2 little ones taking long afternoon naps that leaves us stuck at home with few outdoor play options, until we got the Backyard Ocean Deluxe Square Party Pool. Backyard Ocean Square Pool

The Party Pool is the perfect size for our family. All three kids can happily play in the pool and even mom and dad can join in the fun. The 90″ x 90″ inflatable pool is 22″ high and has 2 built-in cup holders and a built-in bench. I used our electric air pump(not included) to inflate the pool and in about 5 minutes it was ready to be filled with water. The directions say it can be blown up manually but I can’t imagine how long that would take. Invest in a small electric pump, it’s worth it.

deluxe square party poolThe boys had a blast splashing around in our very own backyard oasis. We didn’t fill the pool up to the fill line because I wanted it to remain fairly shallow for the little boys but they didn’t seem to mind.

backyard poolI hope to use the pool several more times this summer. It was fairly simple to inflated and deflate. I do however, wish there was a drain built in so I didn’t have to deflate it in order to drain the water. The kids are so excited to have a pool in their backyard that they can play in anytime they like.

I received the featured product in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions stated are my own.


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