2nd Birthday Bash: Geekling Designs Review + Discount

Back when my husband was single he spent most of his free time playing Nintendo. He owns every console Nintendo made, and we still have them all complete with loads of games. He’s a true Nintendo fan. Now that he has a family he doesn’t spend nearly as much time playing games as he used to but he has already started to introduce Jude to “best video game system of all time”.
Jude has yet to master the hand-eye corrdination required for most video games but he likes to sit next to dad with his own controller and pretend to play along. It’s rather cute. So when I was given the opportunity to review a shirt from Geekling Designs it was a no brainer, the Nintendo T-shirt. It’s perfect for out little gamer. The t-shirt is made from great quality cotton and the printing is superb.
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About Geekling Designs
Geekling Designs was born in July of 2008, after Jennifer settled into her stay-at-home Mommy role. Geekling Designs offers hand-printed T-Shirts and Onesies, as well as custom orders for those who want something truly unique.

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