Fig, Goat Cheese and Blood Orange Salad

One day I would like to have a fig tree in my yard. I love fresh figs but they are terribly expensive and hard to find. But until I get around to planting some new trees in our yard I will have to make due with dried figs. I love figs in any form so I really don’t mind. The boys love fig newtons and even though they love most dried fruit it took a little convincing to get them to try the dried figs. Noah and Simon were immediate fans but Jude was being a little obstinate and decided he didn’t like them. Just means more for me!

I love a well rounded salad. Something with cheese, fruit, nuts and more. The other night I threw together a salad with some ingredients I had available and it turned out pretty amazing.

I only had romaine lettuce available but I think this would be good with mixed greens or arugula otherwise I wouldn’t change a think.



  • Lettuce or Mixed Green
  • Crumbled Goat Cheese
  • 1 Blood Orange peeled, cut into pieces
  • Dried Figs, cut into pieces
  • Crushed Pecans


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and enjoy with your favorite dressing (optional).

I used a poppy seed dressing but I’m toying around with creating something extra special just for this salad. I’ve recently discovered that making my own salad dressing is far superior to any store-bought dressing you can find. I just didn’t have the time or available ingredients to create something on this particular day. Stay tuned for more awesome saladness coming your way!


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