Our Neighborhood Christmas

Our neighborhood (which also happens to be the neighborhood I grew up in) has some fun Holiday events for the family. Some of the residents along one of the walking paths decorate their back yards with extravagant Christmas lights complete with music. People come from all over town to walk the path and view the lights. A few nights ago we took a little walk to the path and the kids loved it.

planter's walk christmas lightsLast night the neighborhood had a Christmas party complete with cookies and Christmas movies for the kids. We didn’t attend because our boys need to go to bed early (they had a case of the grumpy pants). However, this morning Santa came to our neighborhood clubhouse so we stopped in to give him our wish list.

judenoahsanta2Jude and Noah loved meeting Santa!

SimonSanta1Simon DID NOT enjoy meeting Santa.

Each kid received a candy cane, a stuffed toy, a juice box and snack. I think Simon was happy after we gave him the snack.


simonlemurI love that our neighborhood has fun events for the kids. We get to see Santa without all the long lines at the mall and we get to meet some of our neighbors as well. Someday soon I’ll write about how we live in the house I grew up in but that’s for another time.


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