Meet the Compact and Powerful Shark Rocket {Review}


My favorite household chore is vacuuming. I know weird right? Who has a favorite chore? I guess I enjoy it because the machine does most of the work and you can see immediate results. I like instant gratification. Our current home has more carpet than any of our previous homes so our old vacuum was struggling to keep up with the demand. And while I don’t mind vacuuming I DO NOT like hauling around a heavy vacuum cleaner.

Then one fateful day the Shark Rocket entered my life. Swoon.

Shark Rocket Vacuum

I was ridiculously excited to receive the new Shark Rocket because I’ve been coveting the Shark products for several years now and I love the idea behind this vacuum design. The Rocket is a lightweight vacuum that deep cleans like a full-sized vacuum which not only makes it great for small spaces but much more versatile too.

shark rocket shark rocket

The Shark Rocket comes standard with attachments that allow you to easily clean your entire house, floor to ceiling. There is some serious power to this little vacuum. The 2-speed brushroll is much more efficient at picking up dirt than my full-size vacuum, although the head is a little bit narrower so it takes a few more passes to clean the whole carpet. The swivel head on the brushroll is sweet, it makes cleaning around corners a breeze. The Rocket also comes with a crevice tools, dusting brush, wide upholstery tool, wall mount and if you order from the Shark website you get the bonus Dust Away attachment with 1 microfiber pad. (There are upgrade attachments you can purchase for an additional cost like the motorized hand tool or home and car detail kit.)

shark5Because the Shark Rocket doesn’t stand upright on it’s own you have to support the weight of the whole vacuum while you work, luckily the whole thing weights under 8lbs. It can give your arm a little bit of a workout if you are cleaning for a long period of time but overall it’s very lightweight. To store the Rocket you can either take it apart and store the attachments in the included storage bag or hang it on the wall using the included wall mount.


The specialized Dust Away attachment works wonderfully on hard surfaces. We have hardwood floors in part of our house and sweeping up the dust bunnies is a challenge as they are always flying away. The Dust Away attachment has a microfiber pad that grips ahold of dust and dirt for easy cleaning. This would be a great tool to clean up pet hair.

shark2 shark1Overall, I’d have to stay this is my favorite vacuum to date. It has great suction. It’s compact. It’s versatile. It’s a powerful little machine.

You can purchase the Shark Rocket online for $159.

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I received the featured product free of charge. All opinions stated are my own


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