Here Come the Hexbugs #theycanclimb

Last week we had a Hexbug party. Fifteen kids and their moms descended upon our house like a swarm of bugs, all in the name of fun… Hexbug fun. The party was a blast we played, we ate, held a raffle and everyone got to take home a free Hexbug.

hexbug partyAll the kids loved the Hexbugs and the 4 different play sets we had set up. They spent a good hour playing and building with all of the Hexbug toys. Several of the kids were familiar with Hexbugs but for most it was a new experience and the fact that the Hexbug Nano V2 can climb was a new experience for all.

hexbugparty3We set up 4 sets:

  • Nano V2 Barrel Roll
  • Nano V2 Sky Max
  • Nano V@ Hurricane
  • Nano V2 Black Hole

I think the Black Hole was everyone’s favorite because the bugs dropped down into the vortex.

hexbugparty4Before we started to play I let each child select their own HexBug so there wouldn’t be any fighting over the bugs. Jude made sure he got a blue one and most of the girls selected a pink bug. They were also excited to learn that each bug came with a small piece of track so they could continue to let their Hexbug Nano V2 bugs climb at home.

hexbugparty2Occasionally the bugs would get stuck in the tunnel, mostly due to tunnel overload. I don’t think they were designed to fit 15 bugs at once. The kids quickly figured out how to take them apart to fetch their Hexbug. Then they began constructing new sets of their own. It was so fun to watch their imagination and problem solving skills kick in.

hexbugparty1We all had a great time playing with the new Hexbug Nano V2 sets. I did, however, find a few rogue bugs crawling around my kitchen later that day. They nearly gave me a heart attack and were almost stomped. Luckily I figured it out in time and no Hexbugs were harmed in the throwing of this party.

hexbug nano v2

The new Hexbug Nano V2 are a new breed of gravity defying Hexbug Nanos. The three rubber spikes on it’s back allows it to climb throughout the Hexbug Nano V2 environments. All of the Nano v2 play sets are interchangeable so you can continue to grow the world of your Hexbug Nano V2.

Single Packs of Hexbug Nano V2 can be purchased for $7.99, Play sets start at $14.99.

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