Would you give your Diet Pepsi to Josh Duhamel?

It’s a scorching hot day.
You’ve been running errands with a 2 year old in tow.
You’re dying of thirst and have just bought an ice cold Diet Pepsi.
Just as you are about to wrap your parched lips around the glass bottle for a thirst quenching sip an attractive gentleman propositions you.

Duhamel Pepsi“Hey there, can I have a sip?”

Hesitantly you pull the bottle away from you lips, your jaw has dropped to the floor. Is he talking to you? Does he want a sip of YOUR Diet Pepsi?

“Uh” you reply

“Just one little sip. I’m so thirsty. Won’t you share with me?”

josh Duhamel“Uh” again you’re still in shock and have yet to find words.

“I’ll give you $5…. free tickets to my next movie…a back massage….a kiss. What will it take for me to get a sip of that Diet Pepsi, gorgeous.”

Seize the moment. An attractive, famous actor is asking you a favor and it seems he’s willing to do just about anything to get a sip of your Diet Pepsi.Diet Pepsi

What would you do?

Want to know what I would do if Josh Duhamel asked to have my Diet Pepsi? I’d happily give up my Diet Pepsi to pretty much anyone that wanted it, cause I’m generous like that. But if Josh Duhamel asked for my Diet Pepsi I’d pull out my bargaining chips. Did you know that Josh Duhamel voiced Captain Flynn in an episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates? Well, now you do. My kids love Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So I’d see what kind of strings he could pull so my boys and I could get a behind the scenes Disney tour with Jake and the crew… and of course Josh Duhamel too. Then I might be a little more willing to hand over my Diet Pepsi. Maybe.

Captain Flynn

Not sure that Josh Duhamel could convince you to give up your Diet Pepsi, watch the video below and see if it changes your mind.

I received compensation to share these attractive pictures of Josh Duhamel and it wasn’t in the form of Diet Pepsi. The opinions contained in this post are mine own and not influenced by anyone.


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