Tips for Men with Thinning Hair


tips for men with thinning hair

There’s no denying that I have a naturally attractive husband but like any good looking person a little grooming brings out the extra hotness. Joe has great hair, the only problem is when it gets longer it looks thinner up top.

long short So he tries to keep it trimmed so it looks fuller and of course neat. Just the other day he got his hair cut and I absolutely love it. The top is still a little bit longer but trimmed so you notice how thick the hair is on the back and sides of his head. In addition to have a great hair cut Joe uses products that are specially formulated for his type of hair which makes his hair look great.

A good hair cut and using great hair products that are specialized for your specific type of hair can do wonders.

Tips for Men with Thinning Hair

  1. Keep Your Hairstyle Short
  2. Use products that produce volume like Dove Men+Care Thickening Fortifying Shampoo
  3. Eat Well – a poor diet may result in hair loss. Eat a balanced diet.
  4. Relax – stress can induce hair loss. Take up yoga or go on a vacation and just relax.
  5. Embrace It – Instead of over-styling to cover-up hair loss, embrace the hair you have.

The Dove/Walmart “Good Hair Guide” is an easy way for men to find the products that are especially designed for their particular type of hair.  Joe could greatly benefit from the Dove® Men+Care Thickening Fortifying Shampoo it is infused with caffeine and calcium which strengthens hair and makes it look and feel thicker.

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The Dove Men+Care products are available at WalMart for a low price of $3.97

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