Life360 helps you “run into” friends on purpose

I’m out running errands with the boys when we need a little play break. I’m trying decide which local park to visit so I check my Life360 app and learn that our friends are actually playing at our favorite park. Instant play date!

Or maybe we’re going to the children’s museum and want to let all of our local friend know. I can check in to my Mom Friends Circle on the Life360 app so our friends can join us for a last-minute play date.

Life360 screen

Life360 is an app available on iPhone or Android that allows you to easily keep track of family and friends. With the Life360 app you can even create Circles to keep up with various groups, like family, co-workers or mom friends. I really like that I can control the amount of information which is given out to each select Circle. I can share my location with only a specific Circle and all of the communication with the members of that Circle are kept together. No more constant texting, tweeting or Facebook messaging tons of people to find out where they are or if they want to come play.

life360 screen circles

If you are concerned about letting the world know where you are, don’t worry you have complete control over the Life360 app. Life360 uses top-notch GPS technology so your maps and chat are built with bank-level security. Your locations and conversations will always be private, available only to people you invite.

I can think of many great uses for the Life360 app.

  • Easy check-ins for teenage kids
  • Meeting up with friends at a busy amusement park
  • Running into friends for a last-minute get together
  • Letting my husband know I got to my destination safely
  • And many more…

You can even create temporary circles for special events, like a field trip or vacation.

An added bonus of the Life360 app is if my phone is stolen or I lose it, my husband can use the app to find my phone or I can login to the Life360 website and find your phone.

The best part is the Life360 app is FREE. (A Premium monthly or yearly plan is available starting a $5/mo)

Download the app for iPhone (iOS 5.0 or later) or Android.


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