KinderCamp – Combime Learning and Fun this Summer

Can you believe that summer is almost here! As Jude gets older I am excited about all of the summer activities he will be able to participate in like, camp. While he’s way to young to send off to camp there are plenty of local day camp options that he can join. 

I like that KinderCamp offers week long camp sessions for kids pre-k and up. From May until August there are 12 different themed camps available


  • Wilderness 101
 – Do your campers have the skills to survive on a deserted island or in the wilderness? They will after this creativity-building week!
  • Dig Ancient Egypt – 
Traveling back to ancient times is easier than you think in this mummy, hieroglyphic and pyramid filled unit.
  • Wild, Wild West
 – Saddle up for some old-west adventures as we learn about this amazing time in history, when fortunes were made and lost, and legends were created.
  • Scienterrific
 – Scienterrific shows kids how physics, chemistry, life science, earth science, ecology, and engineering surround them in their everyday lives through cool and easy-to-understand lessons.
  • Spectacular Sports
 – Learning a new sport can be challenging, but it’s also loads of fun – especially when looked at both creatively and scientifically.
  • Animal Antics
 – Children will become experts on a host of animals, learning their habits and defenses, what they eat and how they move!
  • Gross and Gooey Science
 – Nothing fascinates kids quite like things that are gross – the gooier the better in this yuck-filled unit!
  • Kids’ Kitchen – 
During this unit, children will learn about the foods they eat and how to prepare some of them, leaving this week with skills they’ll use for their lifetime!
  • Sports Smarts
 – From stretching and having a healthy diet, to learning about some of the most popular sports played around the world, this high-energy camp will make getting fit a whole lot of fun!
  • Art Expo
 – Learning about famous artists, and studying some basic techniques before trying their hand at different types of art, this unit is sure to bring out the children’s inner artists!  
  • Splish Splash!
 – Water play and activities encourage children to explore the properties, uses and conservation of water.
  • Feats of Science
 – Whether you have a pre-schooler or a school-age child, we’ve cool science lessons that are out of this world!

KinderCare is the nation’s largest private provide of early childhood education. KinderCamp offers a healthy mix of social interaction and educational content so children will not only an educational but fun summer camp experience. 

Here are some interesting statistics from KinderCare about summer camps:

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