Disney’s Planes is Flying Into Theaters

PlanesThe other night Jude I had a mother/son date night. We left the little boys at home with Dada, went to dinner and saw a preview screening of “Disney’s Planes” in 3D. We had a blast. Going into the movie all I really knew was it was from the creators of “Cars”, so I figured he’d probably love it.

I was right. He loved the movie and I thought it was pretty cool too. If I’m honest, I don’t think it will reach the same success as Cars but I think kids will love it all the same.

Planes tells the story of a crop-duster airplane, Dusty, that has big dreams, to become a high-flying air racer. It’s the age-old story of the underdog fighting his way to the top. Dusty seeks help from an seasoned naval aviator to help him reach new heights and overcome challenges he once perceived as impossible.

I liked how Dusty treated his competitors with grace even after they hadn’t treated him fairly and in the end they respected him for it (most of them). I also really liked the love connection between some of the secondary characters. Most underdog stories tie in a love connection with the main character but I really like how they included this funny and inspiring love story using secondary characters. There was a little appropriate humor that only adults would really understand but overall it was very much geared toward children. Some kids might find a few of scenes intense but overall I think it’s a good film for all ages.

I understand that Disney had originally planned for Planes to be a direct to DVD release but for some reason they decided on a theatrical release. It certainly has more of a “straight to DVD” feel in that some of the plot developments happen very quickly and just doesn’t match the quality of “Cars” however, it is still a really good movie. I think it will be judged more harshly because it is expected to be the next “Cars”, which it is not.

Overall, I really enjoyed it. I think the story offered good morals for kids, the characters were fun and the 3D animation was exciting. I also really enjoyed the integration of military aircraft.


PLANES opens nationwide on Friday, August 9.

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