Saving My Pennies for a New Phone

We don’t buy things we can’t afford.

When there is something we really want we put it on our wish list and save our money. A lot of people use credit cards to buy things they want but not us.

In 2011 we finally joined the smartphone trend when we bought (year old) iPhone 3GS. Now, 2 years later, our phones are still functioning but slowly losing steam and will soon need to be replaced. So over the past few months I’ve been saving a little here and there until I have enough money to buy Joe and I both new iPhones.


I’ve occasionally dipped into my “phone savings” to buy other things that were needed so it’s taken a little while. You’d think it’d be pretty easy to save $400 but when it’s not a priority sometimes the money has to go elsewhere.

When we finally have enough money to buy our new phones I know we will appreciate them even more since we worked so hard to earn them. This is a trait I really want to teach my boys. In an age of instant gratification I think we take advantage of the many luxuries we have so it’s important that we set an example for our kids by making a conscience effort to save money for a specific item.

Current iPhone Savings = $213


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