A Dresser Tipped Over On My Three Year Old

I have a pretty rambunctious little boy. He likes to climb. So we took precautions and secured our tall furniture to the wall. I thought we were doing good. I thought we had a safe home. So boy was I surprised when this dresser tipped over onto Jude. (see below)
Here’s what happened….

Sunday afternoon Joe was moving around some furniture in our bedroom. Of course Jude had to help so he gathered his toy tools and “assisted” Joe each step of the way. Joe was moving our dresser and had to remove the drawers to do so. He asked Jude to get him something from Noah’s bedroom (pictured above). Jude misunderstood and thought he was supposed to remove the drawers from Noah’s dresser. He had a few drawers pulled out (but not removed) and then applied his weight to one of the drawers and just like that the whole thing tipped over. Joe got there just in time. Luckily Jude’s only injury was a pinched finger. He was however pretty upset and crying. (See that glass top, I hate that glass top. It came with the dresser when we bought it. It slid off the dresser right over Jude’s head and landed on the floor. It didn’t break.) The fact that the drawers were opened actually helped stop it from tipping completely over. (And I think there may have been a box it landed on too.)

That’s not a tall dresser by any means. I NEVER would have thought it would have tipped over. Physics! Now we are going to secure EVERY piece of furniture in our home to the wall.

Please, Please, Please secure your furniture to the wall. Even if your kid isn’t a “climber” accidents can happen. Jude wasn’t climbing and it still fell over. 
We are counting our blessing and know that the outcome could have been much more grim. 


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