3 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Woman

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Hey guys, this one is for you. 
Women can be mysterious creatures, so I’m told. So here is a brief glimpse into our brain and 3 Things You Should NEVER Say To A Woman. (I’m sure there are more than 3 things but these are the top ones in my book.)

1. Anything insulting her appearance – No matter how confident the woman nobody, male or female, ever wants to feel unattractive. Maybe she colored her hair red and you loved her brown hair. Maybe she gained a few pound because she’s cooking gourmet meals for you. She may even have a unibrow because she hasn’t had the time to get that sucker waxed. Don’t dwell on the negative, highlight the positive. If you’re giving her positive affirmation about the thing you DO find attractive that will give her confidence and make her even more attractive to you. (And she might even find the time to get the unibrow waxed)
2. Anything insulting her intelligence – She may not know Australia is a continent or a corn dog isn’t actually made from a dog but she might have memorized 100 poems from the 1800’s or know the difference between butter beans and lima beans.

3. Are You PMSing? – Maybe you are fighting and the whole thing seems rather ridiculous. She’s making a mountain out of a mole hill, so you just assume it’s “that time of the month.” It may be true but you bringing up her period is NOT going to make your problems any easier or help her feel any better.

In episode 1 of season 2 of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Penny go on their first date. Both people feel insecure about the date and unbeknownst to them both, each of them has feelings for the other person. When Leonard learns of Penny’s insecurity about her intelligence, he gives her brochures to a local community college and tells her he is fine dating a girl who isn’t smart. Penny abruptly slams the door in his face.
What is the worst thing a date has said to you?

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