Maternity Fashion: Accessories


Aside from the usual maternity clothes there are some great accessories that help make being pregnant a little easier. Here are a few items I think are worth the investment (I actually own most of these things!)

Maternity Belly Band

Ingrid and Isabel Bellaband -The Bellaband gives you the option to still wear your favorite jeans even though you are pregnant. This is such a great product, it can literally save you hundreds of dollars. Price: $28

Maternity Under ShirtBlush Under Shirt – While the Blush Under Shirt may look similar to the Bellaband if functions differently. The Blush Under Shirt offers additional fabric below your regular shirt without the bulky look of a tank top or camisole. I find that I use my Blush Under Shirt often after pregnancy to hide my post-baby belly while nursing. Price: $5.99

Maternity Hospital GownHot Mama Gowns – When it’s time to go to the hospital to meet your new little babe, you still want to look cute. I mean you won’t look all that cute while you’re pushing the baby out, making all kinds of ungodly faces but you can feel fashionable in the Hot Mama Gown. Price: $89

Maternity Sleeping PillowBoppy Wedge – I love my Boppy Wedget Pillow! I use it to support my big belly while I sleep and it makes such a huge difference! Price: $14.99

Maternity Belly SupportPower Mama Spanx – I don’t actually own these but I wish I did. Power Mama Spanx offer all of the typically slimming support of Spanx with additional belly support for your growing baby. Price: $32

What is your favorite maternity accessory?


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