Transitioning from Home Birth to Hospital Birth – a Mental Journey

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Midwife 1: Wow, 9lb and 11lb babies! We’ll definitely be inducing you around 39 weeks.

Midwife 2: Wow, 9lb and 11lb babies! We might want to induce you early but we’ll wait-and-see how thing are progressing when we get closer to your due date. 

Changing my Perspective
After my first visit to the new OB office I wasn’t completely sold on this whole hospital birth thing. However, Joe and I made a decision after delivering 2 large babies(9+lbs and 11lbs), both with shoulder dystocia, that a hospital birth for baby 3 is the wisest decision. So at this point it’s not a matter of weather or not we’ll go through with a hospital birth but how I will be able to change my expectations.

To be honest I’ve gone into each appointment with a defensive attitude. I feel like the doctors and midwives are going to be judgmental of my previous home births (they aren’t) and pressure me into doing something I’m not comfortable doing (so far they haven’t). During my first visit there was talk of inducing me early because I have large babies but my last visit the midwife was very, let’s-wait-and-see, which I appreciated. 

In a few weeks we have another check-up and our main ultrasound. I’m actually looking forward to this appointment because Joe will be joining me. I think the more familiar we become with the staff and the whole hospital birth process the more we’ll be able to get comfortable with the transition to a hospital birth. I don’t have anything against hospital births it’s just a completely different experience for me and the unknown can be scary no matter what.

I believe a lot of labor and delivery starts in your head, feeling confident and comfortable are key to letting go and letting your body take over. I also believe that I should take my pregnancy journey to prepare not only physically for labor but also mentally. I really don’t want the place or people attending my birth to be a hang-up. So I’m praying for peace and reminding myself that we are doing what’s best for this baby.

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