Picking a Name for Baby 3 – What do you think?

We find out this week if baby 3 will be a boy or a girl. (Be sure to guess what we’re having on our Baby Poll right over there –>) Since we already have 2 boys it would be nice to have a girl but we are kind of assuming it’s going to be another boy. See, we’ve had a girl name picked out since before we even got pregnant with Jude but coming up with boys names we both agree on has been challenging and of course both times we had boys.
This pregnancy is no different. We still like the original girl name we picked out but we are at a loss for boy names.
Everyone has different reasons for picking a name for their child. Some people like classic names, while others want unique. Some people have themes like all J names. Some people like to use family names. We place a lot of emphasis on the meanings of names and it has to sound cool too. We also like using at least 1 Biblical name.

Jude Aidan

Praise, Fire

Noah Asher

Peaceful, Happy

So we’ve been scouring the lists of names to find a name that not only sounds good but also has a great meaning. If we have another boy Jude and Noah’s brother is going to need an awesome name. If we have a girl then we are set and can put away all the baby name books!

I’d love some input on names for boys.
Here are some of the names that have been floating around our boy names list the past few years…
(We aren’t sold on any of these but it just gives you an idea of what we like)
Elias (Joe thinks Eli Lieb is too much of a tongue-twister so this is probably out)
Elijah (this too)
Luke (Joe also doesn’t like alliteration so as much as he’d like to have a little Jedi this is also probably out)

These aren’t our only choices they are just the names that have been lingering around since we starting name shopping for Jude.

What boy name do you think sounds like the brother of Jude and Noah?
(we are open to all suggestions but reserve the right to not like your idea, we won’t tell you that but we also won’t name our kid your silly name!)


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