Tummy Time with Infantino

Noah was a big baby at birth, 11lbs to be exact, so he developed skills a little fast than most kids his age. He was rolling to one side at 2 months, which meant he had self imposed tummy time a lot. I would still get on the floor and play with him and encourage him to strengthen his neck muscles with tummy time. 
Infantion has a new product called the Right Angle Tummy Triangle which is designed to help babies enjoy tummy time a little more and develop upper body strength. It’s a pretty smart product since the reason most babies hate tummy time is because their face is buried in the rug. The Right Angle Tummy Triangle helps elevate baby and offers them a more interesting view. 
Noah enjoyed the Tummy Triangle for the short period of time that he could use it. Because he is such a big baby he was rolling right off the edge of the Tummy Triangle. He did however enjoy looking at that cute little baby in the mirror and the music. I was a little sad he didn’t get more use out of this toy as I thought it was pretty neat. 
The Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle is available online at Target for $29.99

I have received the Right Angle Tummy Triangle from Infantino to facilitate my review. The opinions expressed in this review and my own and not influenced by the company.


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