The Making of My Meal Plan – 2 Week Plan

Every 2 weeks I do our big trip to the grocery store. My goal is to buy enough food to last us for 2 weeks (with the exception of perishable items that will need to be restocked after the 1st week.) While I shop I’m meal planning in my head. We have a handful of go-to meals like tacos, spaghetti, pizza, etc… Then I see what’s on sale and try to devise a plan based on what’s a good deal. And on occasion I will shop with a specific new recipe in mind. I usually get everything I need in 1 trip.

After all the groceries are put away I study my purchase and sit down to devise a meal plan.

  • I write out all the possible meals.
  • I look at our calendar to see what days I need to use the slow cooker or have a quick, easy meal available.
  • I organize all of the meal on the giant chalk board in the kitchen. I try to stagger meals throughout the weeks so we don’t eat pasta 3 days in a row or so I don’t have to clean my slow cooker every night.

I like that we have this big chalk board in our kitchen so I can easily reference it to remember what I need to prepare for dinner, plus everyone else can see what we are having for dinner too.

Although meal planning is somewhat time consuming and a bit of a pain I’m always glad to have my plan in place. It keeps us from spending more money than we need on groceries and ensures the food I buy at the grocery store doesn’t go to waist. However, I need to extent my meal plan to lunch so I’m not stuck cobbling something together at noon each day. I’ll get there eventually but for now I’m pretty proud of my 2 week meal plan.

Do you meal plan?
Do you stick to your meal plan?


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