8 Easy Trader Joe’s Dinners

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I buy 90% of our family’s groceries from Trader Joe’s. In addition to offering affordable and healthier options for groceries, I’m always greeted by kind and knowledgeable employees. I love a good deal but I don’t want to compromise on customer service and Trader Joe’s offers both.

Our family eats most of our meals at home, when you have 4 boys it can get pricey and time-consuming to go out to eat often. So I’ve compiled a few of my favorite Trader Joe’s recipes. All of these recipes can be made with ingredients found entirely at Trader Joe’s (although you may not know I have a few non-Trader Joe’s items in my images only because I didn’t have the Trader Joe’s brand on hand).

Carnitas Tacos

Pork Carnitas, Mexican Cheese, Black Beans, Salsa, Avocado, and Tortillas. The Carnitas are already cooked so you just have to warm the meat and assemble it.

  Tortellini Soup

This is a vegetarian-friendly meal and my kids love it. I simply combine all of the ingredients in a big pot and warm until ready to eat. This can be topped with Parmesan cheese and served with crusty bread.


Trader Joe’s has frozen falafel but I found them to be a little dry so I prefer this falafel mix where I can control the moisture. Just add water to the mixture and cook in oil. Serve in a pita (not pictured) with hummus and tzatziki. Add a side of Greek salad for some fresh greens.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

This couldn’t be easier and my kids love it. Cook the pasta according to the directions and heat the meatballs and sauce in a saucepan until warm. Add it all together and top with Parmesan. Serve with a side salad and crusty bread.

Chicken Shwarma

Cook the chicken according to the package instructions. Cook rice and warm Naan. I occasionally add a side of madras lentils (not pictured but available at Trader Joe’s) to this meal.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

This is my 5-year-old’s favorite meal. I will typically make 3 bags of this and add a side salad, that’s it. Dinner is ready.

Beef Bool Kogi

Cook the beef according to the instructions. Cook Rice according to the instructions. Top with Kimchi. Yum! This is also great served as a burrito in a flour tortilla or the leftover beef is great on top of nachos.

Spicy Beef & Broccoli

Now, this dish is too spicy for my children so Joe and I typically eat this for lunch. It’s a simple packaged meal where you just need to add some cooked rice.

What are your favorite Trader Joe’s meals?


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