Reclaiming Pasta Night with Jovial Foods

Pasta gets a bad rap. Pasta contains wheat and wheat contains gluten and gluten is bad. But that is not all entirely true. Without getting into a lot of the science here’s why pasta gets a bad rap.

Over thousands of years wheat has been transforming. Most of the wheat we eat today is a complex hybrid of preferred seeds selected by farmers. Because of this hybridization our modern wheat contains high levels of gluten which is why so many today have trouble digesting gluten. Gluten isn’t necessarily bad it’s just the elevated levels in modern wheat which give people so much trouble.
Well, Jovial Foods has a wonderful solution, Einkorn. Einkorn is the purest form of wheat possible. This doesn’t mean it’s gluten free but it does mean it has seen the least amount of hybridization of wheat today. Einkorn Whole Wheat Pasta offers a healthy solution for those of us that aren’t ready to give up our pasta but want to reduce our gluten intake. People that are sensitive to gluten may be able to enjoy Einkorn pasta more than regular pastas. Although, Celiac Patients should not consume einkorn products until further clinical studies are completed and their findings are evaluated by the FDA.
The other night I made a baked vegetable spaghetti using Jovial Food’s Einkorn Whole Wheat Pasta and it was great. I don’t typically like whole wheat pastas as they can have little gritty texture but the Einkorn pasta was smooth and not unlike standard white pasta. My boys couldn’t tell a difference. We are trying to eat healthier this year but since Jude’s favorite meal is spaghetti so I’m glad I’ve found a solution that will enable us to eat the foods we enjoy but using healthier ingredients. 

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