Watching my Weight with the Zero Scale

The past few months I’ve been trying to really watch my diet and exercise more. See both of my parents and grandmother have diabetes and I know that I’ll be very likely to get it if I don’t watch myself. I have a hard time losing weight from my pregnancies so I have to be very conscious about it. But I really dread getting on the scale.
I know how much I weight and I hate being reminded of it which is why I really like the Zero Scale. The Zero Scale helps me to stay focused on the amount of weight I’ve lost rather than the total amount I weigh. The Zero scale is unique in that it has settings for different users so Joe and I can track our weight loss and gain separately but on the same scale. The Zero Scale allows me to keep track of my weight loss and gain on a daily basis. It secretly stores my initial weight and each time thereafter it only tells me the difference in weight gain or loss. It also tracks the number of days I’ve been tracking my weight and the last time I checked in. But just in case I want to know how much I actually weight there is a setting that lets me see my total weight.
Note the picture above. It says that in the last 17 days I’ve lost 6.2lbs.  Not bad. It also tells me how much weight I’ve lost or gained since the last time I weighed myself. I keep it in my bathroom so I can weigh myself every few days before I shower. It keeps me motivated to see the amount lost instead of my total weight. Plus, I don’t have to do the math in my head to figure out if I’m doing well or chart my weight to remember what I weighed 3 weeks ago. Now I can focus on manageable increments and not get bogged down with that total number. I honestly don’t mind weighing myself anymore.
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