Noah Asher – Month Six

Six Months Old
That’s half way to a year.
A quick picture right before he fell over.
Noah is on the move. He can’t crawl and can’t even sit up that well yet but he’ll steamroll right over anything or anyone to get what he wants. 
We take him for his check up right after the new year at which point I’ll record his stats. But know this… he’s big.

He is a chill and easy going baby but if there is something he wants he just dives for it. His dive list includes anything shiny like a glass, bottle, or iphone. I can’t blame him I’d take a dive for some shiny stuff too. 

Although we haven’t see any teeth yet I know he’ s teething. I’ve felt a little bump and he is chewing on everything. He even has a rash on his chin from all the slobber.
He still sleeps with use and wakes us about twice during the night. I’d like to get him to sleep in his bed but this house is so cold at night. I’ve yet to find a way to keep him warm at night. (We’ve been using a sleep sack but he’s still so cold.)
He’s also discovered his tongue. 


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