Noah Vs Baby Food

Noah – 812
Baby Food – 1
Noah is very clearly NOT interested in baby food yet.
He will be turning 8 months old this week and he has very little interest in solid foods.
We’ve tried cereals, fruits, veggies, non-pureed foods….
He doesn’t really care for any of it.

I thought we’d rounded a corner the other day we he greedily devoured a small amount of oatmeal mixed with about half a jar of bananas. But ever since then he turns up his nose at solid food. He even goes so far as to gag and throw up while I’m trying to feed him.

I’m trying to not get stressed about it because I know he will eventually eat solid foods. I’m just not used to a baby that doesn’t like solid food. Jude started solids around 5 months and he would devour anything we fed him. He had so much excitement for solid foods that he could hardly stand it while I reloaded the spoon. So, to have a baby that purses his lips when I bring the spoon to his mouth is foreign to me. I’m guessing Noah is content with breast milk and getting exactly what he needs there so solid foods are more of a fun game to him.

Since he’s not hurting in the size department (he weighs about 24lbs) I’m not going to worry. We’ll keep offering a few bites to him here and there and one day he’ll get the hang of it. Right?

At what age did your baby start eating solid foods?
What foods were a big hit with your baby and which did they despise?


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