Happy Birthday Noah


Noah Asher
Age: 2 years old.

Favorites: Doughurt Saysins (Yogurt Raisins), BABY SIMON, Jude, Dada, Meh Mou (Mickey Mouse), books, trucks and dogs.

Food: He’s still teething (still no upper canines and no sign of 2 year molars). Because he’s still still short a few teeth he doesn’t eat a lot of meat but he’s generally a pretty good eater. His food preferences are opposite of Jude’s. Noah prefers milder foods like white rice, bread, and cucumbers. Of course he loves Pageyee (spaghetti) but doesn’t care too much for ice cream (It’s apparently too cold). He will devour any fruit you give him and he’ll try almost any vegetable (although there is no guarantee it will stay in his mouth for long.)

Potty: He’s shown some interest in using the potty but we haven’t started potty training just yet. We’ve started putting him in Pull-ups during the day because on occasion he asks to use the potty and they are just easier to pull on and off but he’s in a regular diaper at night.

Sleep: He takes 1 nap, after lunch (usually around 1pm till 3 or 4). Bedtime is usually between 7 – 7:30pm and he usually wakes up around 7 – 7:30am.

Noah’s Birth Story




Noah is sweet and cuddly but doesn’t let his big brother (or anyone) push him around. He’s very content to play by himself and sometimes gets annoyed that Jude always wants to mess with him but he absolutely adores the attention he receives from Jude and Baby Simon. His vocabulary is flourishing every day and I’m amazed at some of the sentences he constructs. He’s recently discovered books are a great stall tactic for bedtime but he is generally pretty excited about going to bed for both naps and bedtime. His favorite TV show is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He loves swimming and has very little fear of the water. He’s generally pretty mellow and really lives up the meaning of his name Peaceful(Noah) & Happy(Asher).

I love this boy something fierce.

Happy 2nd Birthday Noah.


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